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Songwriter / Artist / Producer / Music Entrepreneur

Short Bio / Discography / Filmography


  • The song “Osman” became #1 Hit in Rock / Indie Charts of Turkey.

  • The song “Annemin Süper Güçleri Var” (“Mom Has Super Powers”) became an Instagram phenomenon / hit in Turkey on Mother’s Day.

Eren Tokgöz is an multi award winning, #1 hit music composer / producer / performer who composes (both music & lyrics) and produces for films / plays / online series / ads and an Indie artist as the band leader of the unique Ahmet Beyler band in Turkey. He is also a music entrepreneur who facilitates self expression / team building at corporate events

His recent work includes: Movie scores for Turkish comedy movies such as “Bebek Geliyorum Demez” (Here Comes the Baby) and “Ev Kira Semt Bizim” (House is for Rent, Town is Ours); theatre plays such as “Aska Haciz” (Confiscation to Love) and “Isli Sisli Puslu” (Foggy Dirty) and online series such as “Veysel’in Mirasi” (Heritage of Veysel). 

Music for ads worldwide, such as BFPL New York ad series with Addison agency, Bmoji App, CURA App - Sydney. Music for TV / radio and internet ads for Turkish Market such as Johnnie Walker / Blender is the New Black series, Allianz Insurance, A101 Store Chains, Türkiye Petrolleri Gasoline, ABC Detergents, Regal TV / Washing Machine / Refrigerator, Vestel Refrigerator, Beo Propolis, Dynavit Food Supplements, Gel Al App, Obilet App, Mynet Web Portal / Recipes Channel. Music signature for the brands such as Regal, Beo, Türkiye Petrolleri, Gel Al. 

Corporate Songs for companies such as Bridgestone (Brisa), Sberbank, Turk Telekom GSM, Aktif Bank, Kayra Group, Mynet Web Portal, Yapi Kredi Bank, Vakif Bank, Demirdöküm Heating Systems, Inci Drugstore Chains, Origin Optical Group

Social Music initiative, which uses crowdsourcing for creating collective songs, released 17 songs till the start of Covid 19, which includes Instagram phenomenon / hit song on Mother’s Day 2020 in Turkey, “Annemin Süper Güçleri Var” (“Mom Has Super Powers”) that went viral and 16 more collective songs with social themes such as Corona, Superstitions, Messages to Ex-Lover, Summer Plans, Dreams, Gender Equity and a collective children’s song with the children of the world in cooperation with SERVAS, reaching millions on social media.

“Turkish Indie” 24 song album to be released from Muzikotek in 2020; music album and singles of band Ahmet Beyler, including 1st prize winner of Jack Daniel’s Rock Music Competition Turkey and #1 Hit single of Indie / Rock charts of Turkey, “Osman”; adaptation of Bongo Bong / Manu Chao, “Dümbelek Krali”; and the single featuring famous Turkish / Italian pop star Zeynep Casalini, “Ask Yayicam Valla” (Spread My Love) with the unique combination of Rock genre mixed with Balkan & Middle East musical influences. 

The rest of the Ahmet Beyler songs are “Istanbul”, which entered Indie charts in Spain, “Selam Söyleme” (Don’t Say Hi) which entered Spotify “Happy Days” Indie Lists, “Erken Seçim” (Early Selection) which had one of the earliest Instagram filter video clips, “Hayat Nerde” (Where is Life) which named the album and many more, such as Köyümde var (I Have Them All), Gün Gece Esit (Night and Day), Bay Yengeç (Mr. Crab), Bilirkisi (Expert), Git Haylazim (Go Away), Aglama Güzel (Don’t Cry Beauty), Havada Vals (Waltz in the Air), Mutsuz Olmuyorum (Not Unhappy Anymore). 

Live music performances at festivals such as Zeytinli Rock Festival, biggest in Turkey, when 20.000 people were around, AAAL fest, biggest high school fest, including 5.000 people watching, Uludag fest, including 2.000 people watching and at venues such as Babylon, which has the highest reputation in Istanbul, that hosted Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull, Macy Gray and many more...

Corporate Music Workshops (Online / Physical) that aims to create a new medium for self expression and team building via improvisational songs, were facilitated for companies / events such as TEDxReset, Music In Offices (MIO) London, ING Bank, Cartoon Network, Sberbank, Sabanci Holding, Peyman Dried Fruits, Kayra Group, Midyeci Ahmet Mussel Chain, including 4.000 plus corporate people joined as attendee. 

Previous (Before 2005) successes include; third best song prize in “Halici Midi” Competition with song “Fikirler” (Ideas);  "Best Advertising Music" award in the International Advertising Agency advertising competition, music composition and live performance for the theatre play “Ayisiginda Agora” (Agora Under the Moonlight), live performance on “Yorumsuz” (No Comment) on TV8 Turkish TV channel, won the "Best Play" award in the High School Theater Competition with the music composed and performed live for the play “Bebek Uykusu” (”Baby Sleep”), regular rock bar performances, dance theatre accompaniments and Swedish Style, Abba Musical choir participation as a multi player of drums, guitar, keyboard, recorder and a vocalist. Also the founder of NightLife Portal which was live till 2011, which reached 30 k members. Business Administration graduate from Middle East Technical University, one of the top 100 universities of the world; worked at Banks & IT for 14 years.


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