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'Ben Bilirim Her B.K.L.G' is on the Air

The founder of Ahmet Beyler and the Social Music; the creator of hits such as Osman, My Mother Has Super Powers; Eren Tokgöz published the single ‘Ben Bililir Her B.K.L.G’ under his own name this time. It is is on Spotify, Fizy, Itunes and all digital music markets with the Social Music label.

The video which was shot at Turkey Video Network (TVN) studios, was fictionalized on the parody of Social Media environments such as Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, dominated by the 'know-it-alls’.

Elif Bingöl is the director and costume designer of the clip, whereas the cinematographer is Batu Tezyuksel and the editor is Yiğit Tanışık.




Eren Tokgöz is an multi award winning, #1 hit music composer / producer / performer who composes (both music & lyrics) and produces for films / plays / online series / commercials.


His latest breakthroughs are;

  • Song “Osman” became #1 Hit in Rock / Indie Charts of Turkey.

  • Song “Annemin Süper Güçleri Var” (“Mom Has Super Powers”) became an Instagram phenomenon / hit in Turkey on Mother’s Day.

He is also an Indie artist as the band leader of the unique Ahmet Beyler band in Turkey & a music entrepreneur who facilitates self expression / team building at corporate events under the name of Social Music initiative.​

You can find his music under the names Ahmet Beyler (Album & Singles), Social Music (Collective Songs) and Otopark Music (Jingles and Scoring) below...